Oct. 6, 2017

Tony's  Lynskey R-250 is a great reminder that transferring your present componentry to a new frame really just gives you a new bicycle...without buying the whole bike.

His other bike (carbon fiber) suffered some de-lamination so it's now a really nice wall hanger. 

Most of us that ride are on/and/off looking at what could be our next n+1 acquisition but this one came earlier than expected for Tony.  Fortunately, one of the bike builders he was watching, Lynskey Performance Bikes was having a sale on their year-end 2017 models and he found this one for about 40% off.  Hand made in the USA, titanium.  Yowsa.  Cane Creek and Enve products are also made in the USA  BTW, the frame/fork/headset weighed 4.1 pounds naked.

Unpacking a new bike is always like Christmas.  So much fun to look at all of the parts and there's the  anticitipation of playing with a new toy.

The finish looked great and Tony made some great choices in options with the etched graphics (versus black decals), Cane Creek headset, and Enve 2.0 carbon fiber fork.   Every other bit came off of his other bike. (He rides SRAM Force 22.) I would rate the welds as VG+ to EXC.  I don't know welding but compared to my Serotta, the Lynskey welds are almost as good.  ;0) 

That is, this is one cool bike.  Congrats, Tony!!  Ride it like you stole it!

Bike o' the month!!

bikes.  There are a lot of ways to ride.

I like all bikes but I'm a sucker for a hand made American bicycle frames.  There are so many really cool bikes out there that I've known or worked on; and they all had some really good engineering.  Look at modern bikes compared to rides of the 70's and 80's. Remarkable improvements.

  These are some pix of bikes and owners I've known.  

Plus, I have a bunch of website links to some different cycling pages that I thought I'd share.  Some are really cool.  

Click here for something maybe new to you, or an example of cycling in different situations, or...just something fun.