Do you have your car repaired at the dealership?

Maybe so, and unless it's a luxury car, likely not.  It's the same with  your have choices.  Just think of me as your independent bike garage.  ;0)

There is never any charge for your first complete and thorough inspection.

(You'll be surprised how thorough I can be.)

You'll get an honest opinion on all of your bike's components and it's overall state.  If anything needs to be done you'll know exactly how much you'll spend (unless I have to research some parts costs.) 


Totally personalized service.

I work with people;

We just both love bikes!

Professional Service: I specialize in servicing our clients' bikes for safety, optimal functionality, and aesthetics.  It should work perfectly and look as good as possible.  Any make or model of shop-quality bicycle.  

Wheel Service/Custom Wheel Building: You need these to work perfectly and I'll help you get there. Have you thought about custom wheels?  You can get hand made, solid wheels that are perfect for your riding style.  Nothing fancy...conventional wheels, well built.  Let's talk.

Custom Frame and Bike Assembly:  Did you know that you may be able to get a bike that's near custom for the price of a new high end ride?  I know of literally dozens of frame builders that can make your perfect bike that will do what you tell it.  I help you measure and spec out your components.

Women Riders: Some women are intimidated by the atmosphere in a retail bicycle dealer.  (Hey, you rarely find anyone other than really nice people in your local bike shop...really.  And they do great work.)  But if you're uncertain about what to ask or want to know more about what you might need at at the shop, I can help.  I don't sell anything (except personalized service) so I look at things with an eye toward what you need and the appropriate value.

Buying a bike?  Carbon Fiber? Steel? Titanium? Road? Aluminum Alloy? Mountain? Cruiser? E-Bike? Commuter? Randonneur?  Gravel Grinder?  How do you decide?  I'll give you information to help you decide the right type and size so that you can search it out either at your favorite bike shop, online, or from the used bike sources. There are lots of good deals to be had on used bikes, and I can help you objectively decide if that cool used bike is really as good as the seller says.  I'll fully inspect it, too.

Buying online?  It can be scary if you don't know exactly what you're looking for, and there are counterfeit bikes out there.  I'll after you order I'll assemble your new bike and get you on the road on a safe and optimally functional bike.

Selling your bike?  I'll get it up to manufacturer's specifications and take pictures for you.  If you want, I can access several online forums whose members may have special interests...especially high-end bikes. I will handle the entire sale for you, including packing and shipping.

Bike Fitting:  It shouldn't hurt to ride your bike.  (Unless your riding buddies are "putting a hurt on you", but that's something else.)  I do know the basics and will help you sit properly to help avoid injuries and aleviate those little aches and pains that sometimes develop.  Want a pro fit?  I have referrals for you.

Bike Maintenance: Do you know how to change a tire out in the middle of nowhere?  What if your chain or a spoke breaks?  Ask me any time, I'm would be happy to show you how to change a flat tire, or how to take care of other pesky and usually unexpected mechanical situations. 

What's Different?


about me

Howdy!  I'm David Merriman  and my company, Lead Out Bicycle Technicians, offers exceptionally personalized bicycle repair and knowledgeable advice to anyone who rides a bike or wants to.

I specialize in professional repairs, which means I fix your bike to the manufacturer's specifications.  I am a certified bicycle technician trained at United Bicycle Institute.  

I ride too.  See those pix to the right? That's me in a recent picture and 1976 when I started riding.  We used hair instead of helmets back then.

​That bike is a Miyata Gran Tour 12.  12 Speeds!  Sweet jersey and cut-offs, too, huh?