custom wheels will change your cycling life!

Optimize your bike!  You would not believe how much you can improve your performance with a set of custom wheels that are hand-built, extremely solid, and built specifically for your needs.  Contact Matt. 

​Matthew Larson Wheelbuilding

Thinking of buying a new, high-end bike from one of a handful of the big names?  Good for you!  They're all great bikes and will probably take more than you can give it.

But, have you ever thought about a custom steel, titanium, or carbon fiber bike build to fit your body and riding style?  If you're thinking of dropping $4,000-10,000 on a bike, let me show you some options before you buy "off the shelf".   

You work with a genuine craftsman or craftswoman who will work with you and design and build YOUR bike with the components, wheels, and ride you're looking for.  

Consider it your "forever bike".  

Want to talk about the possibilities?  Call/text/email me.  

Your Perfect Bike- Have you thought about a Custom bike?

Regional Custom Bicycle Frame Builders

CAUTION: BIKE PORN.  There are literally hundreds of frame builders nationally.  Here are a few that are close by that perform exceptionally high quality work. Be sure to check the galleries of each.

The Vanilla Workshop

Vendetta Cycles, Portland

​Elephant Bikes, Spokane

Kirk Frameworks, Bozeman

Strong Frames, Bozeman

DeSalvo Custom Bicycles, Ashland

Breadwinner Cycles, Portland

Shoot me an email if you want some more

Looking to optimize your performance or got a new bike?  

Get a Professional Fit!

Call Ryan at FitScience and get it done right.  

He's a professional and one of the best in Spokane:  

Check out FitScience

Carbon Fiber Corner

Check out these videos about CF bikes and components...